hi, i just purchased a tranzport and am having trouble during the final stage of setup. i'm running xp sp2 pro on a desktop. 001 breakout box and m-audio octane via lightpipe to the digi card.

i dl'd the latest windows driver, 1.5.0,  from the website and the installation seemed to be going as expected. when i go to the peripherals/midi tab to add the "hui" interface it does not show up as an option. all it says is "none". i'm not able to select any other option. i have "hui" selected in the transport icon located in the taskbar. also the "receive, send and #channels" tabs seem to be faded out. both the unit and receiver have a steady green light and i even relinked them manually just to make sure after it didn't work the first time.

i also tried uninstalling the tranzport windows driver and using an older driver, 1.4.1, to see if that might be it. same result.

is there a setting in protools that may be set wrong?

i'm at a loss. thanks.