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Hello, I have Samplitude 11pro on win7 home prem x64. I have removed a Dakota that I could not get to function without dropouts. I was using the beta for win7 driver. I uninstalled the dakota from device manager and checked "delete drivers". I then removed the dakota card from the machine. Rebooted and setup a new card but Samp still sees Dakota. Is this a situation where drivers are not completely removed? How can I remove all traces? Thanks in advance


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I have changed drivers back to the 3-15 driver for vista x64. While I did then experiance the bsod on shutdown, the no audio/limited outputs problem remained. So I switched back to 3-16 for win7 x64, but my daw (samplitude) can still only see adat A outputs. No B and no spdif.


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Hello, I'm trying to use my Dakota in a new machine:
Win7 home prem 64bit
MAgix Samlitude Pro 11
Dakota with win7 64bit beta driver

There is no sound at playback. Fwiw windows device manager sees the dakota and says it's working properly. The global output selection section of samplitude only sees the dakota when asio drivers is selected. If MME or WMD is selected then the dakota card cannot be selected. So Iv'e tried both asio 16bit, and asio 24bit with no luck. From within samplitude when I set the track output to what I need (spdif), nothing on the dakota panel changes. It always shows output on optical a1-8. Can't say if there is any signal there. I have no 8 channel converter to plug it in to. I hope this makes sense. Any advice appreciated
Also, never any bsod. the dakota control panel seems to open and close with no problems for the computer. Just no sound


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Hello CS and thanks for the response. I have tried it yet again with apparent success. It's possible that previously I did fail to expand the toolbar, who knows? However I have no sound, for which I'll start a new thread.


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Hello and thanks for the reply. I have been there. I have downloaded the win 7 64bit beta driver from that page. Now the new win 7 64b machine sees the dakota. But I have tried numerous times to run the application for daktray, and no luck. It does not seem to install anything. So I have no control panel. any advice appreciated


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Hello, I just put my Datoka card in a new pcdaw build. Where do I get the dakota control panel etc. software? Thanks in advance