This worked like a champ.

Looking back on my scenario, I probably inadvertantly changed the "In Port" setting on the Sonar Controller which broke control inputs.  The re-install then broke the "Out Port" setting.

Thanks for the fast reply.  I really like having the A-T back.


I've been a happy user of an AlphaTrack with Sonar 8 and Vista-32 for six months.  Suddenly, Sonar stopped responding to all controls on the AlphaTrack, but the AlphaTrack display responds to track changes made using the mouse.

After checking all of the Sonar settings, etc. I uninstalled the AlphaTrack software, then reinstalled.  Same problem.

I wanted to rule out a bad USB port, so I switched it to another.  This time, no response or display.  I switched back to the original USB port and got the same symptoms: no response or display.

I've gone through several Sonar restarts and system reboots.  I'm starting to think that it's a hardware problem. 

What should I do next?



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Thanks, CS.

Although adding more Sonar commands to the AT user function would be easier for the user when setting it up, it would probabaly be better to allow the AT to send in keystrokes.  This would eliminate the need for you to keep adding commands as Sonar adds features.

Thanks again.  I'm a real fan of the AT and this is the first limitation that I've run into.


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After reading your reply and re-reading the Sonar help files on Key Bindings, I think I understand what's going on.  Bear with me while I re-state a few things.

In my original post, I asked how to get the AT to send SHIFT-X to Sonar so that I could use the AT to control the Sonar X-ray feature.  Referencing the SHIFT-X key was a mistake.  What I should have asked is why can't I set up an AT user function key to control the X-ray function.

When I open the Sonar/Options/Key Bindings list, I see a long list of functions that I can trigger using keys or MIDI notes.  The list is organized into several sections: Menu Commands, Extra Commands, CAL Program Files, Global Layout Files, and StudioWare Files.

From what I see, the AT user function supports only the "Menu Commands" section.  Can you confirm this?

If this is the case, I'd like to see the AT support the "Extra Commands" set.  It includes 70 commands, like X-ray, that are really useful.  The other sections aren't that useful.



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Thanks Moderator.

I'm not sure that I fully understand on the first reading what you said, so I'm going to think about it when I have more time.

I may be back for clarification.


I'm using Sonar 8PE.   I'd like to assign a function key on the AT to a key binding in Sonar.  Specifically, I'd like to send shift-x to Sonar (to control the X-ray functioin) when I press the F4 button.

The AlphaTrack Sonar Plugin doc (v1.0.4) says on page 6 that you can assign a function button to any key binding. But the AlphaTrack Tools panel in Sonar has drop-down lists with only the Sonar menu picks, such as Edit|New.

How do I set this up?