Yes....I understand it a bit more thanks!  So a plugin developer must present it's paramaters to Digi for them to be recognised by the HUI controller.


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This happens with Cell phones in studios all the time!  It's not just the iPhone but all cell phones and I usually try to keep mine away from any and all electronic devices when I'm working in my studio!

So are you saying that because it's an EQ it's impossible or somehow do-able?  What about the Redline Reverb?  It's not an EQ and some of the paramaters show up in the Alphatrack.

How does a plugin developer make their plugin so that it works with the AlphaTrack?  I'm beta testing a new EQ for 112db in Pro Tools 8 and though some of the parameters show up in the AlphaTrack I'm unable to control them...using my midi controller instead.  So it got me thinking.  How is it done?  How thes the process work between you and a developer.  Does Digi need to also be involved too make a third party plugin work in the AT?  It would be great to have this new line of plugins work with the AT.  Go here to see it:


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Just thought I'd post letting FDG and all viewers here that my AT is working seamlessly so far with my newly upgraded Pro Tools 8 running on this system:

Mac Pro Quad core 2.66GHz.
PT 8/Leopard 10.5.6

Working much better now that I'm using usb 2.0!  So much better......

I put in new marker with new sequential markers and things working properly now.  Thank you!

Order of putting them in the timeline or numerical order?  I'll look into fixing that.  Thanks.

My fault!  It was a session marker that had errant Pro Tools view settings.  Every time I hit that marker it was hiding tracks on me.  Thanks!
      I did notice something else though:  when using the touch strip to go from marker to marker it's skipping some.

I'll have to check on that...I don't remember and I'm out of the studio for the day.

For some reason when I run my finger across the touchstrip my Pro Tools session hides all of it's surrently viewed tracks and shows my hidden tracks every time!  It's rather exasperating as I then have to revert the session or go through hiding/showing the proper tracks.  What am I doing wrong here?  Or maybe it's not me....

Dual 1.4 processor G4 1.25GB RAM
Digi 002R/LE 7.3 Tiger OS 10.4.11
fxspansion VST-RTAS adapter
M-audio Radium 61/Alphatrack