This is good news....but will the updates also address all the other issues posted?  Like the EQ issue in PT for instance?


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I'd also like to know what the footswitch input is for.  I'd never used it and today I tried it with a sustain-type footswitch thinking it might trigger recording but alas no luck...and not a thing about it in the manual either.

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     Anyway, while we're all waiting for somekind of update that can take the AT out of the aughts and into a new decade...*ahem*'s an issue that needs addressing: The slowness of the AT in toggling Automation modes and the tendancy for it to just get stuck there.  Stck to the point where you have to toggle the tracks to get it to work on the track you're trying to automate.  At this point it's faster with the mouse...which is really depressing.  I'm seeing this in Pro Tools 8.0.1cs1.

Please FDG...fix this thing, eh?

     Excellent suggestions.  I'd be happy if they just updated the thing so that all the knobs work with my plugins in Pro Tools 8.

But we've been waiting, and waiting....and......?

All I want for Christmas is for my knobs to knobs to work....

Setup>peripherals>midi controllers>type....there should be a choice of none, HUI, command 8,etc. Choose HUI and then go to the other drop-downs "Recieve from" and "Send To">predefined and choose the AT.

Here here! I know these things take time but what worries me is what goes on with Digi as they are so proprietary it's scary.  My Novation controller has totally saved me but we DO need to see a fix here.

So is the AT for Pro Tools even supported?  You know it's frustrating when each and every OTHER support issue post is answered...but not this one.  At this point I'm just assuming the answer is no.

The AT is now working at 75% for us RTAS users and we'd like some support.

powlow wrote:

Is there or should there be a way to assign plugins and sends from the alphatrack in pro tools?

I've not tried to do this actually so I don't really know.  I don't think so but I'll have a look.

I just want FDG to fix the EQ on insert c issue and the now reduced paramater seems to be slipping with this controller.  Just a shame.

powlow wrote:

The first snag I've come across is a reverb plugin I use almost exclusively which only seems to have its first four parameters available for control!

     This issue is confirmed on my system too.  It must be that with the 8.0.1 update of Pro Tools LE the Alphatrack needs some sort of update to catch up.  It's not HUI.  Automap works fine with's the AT!  I'm now using Automap with the Novation controller...which thankfully covers my control needs but I would like to see FDG figure out these issues for Pro Tools users.  The AT has become an extension of my left hand...please don't take it away FDG...update the thing with a firmware or driver to support Digi!


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WOW!!  Well, enough for me to feel good about holding off on SL for the time being.  It's not fully supported by Digidesign yet either so I'm in no hurry.

    You know I read this and I go "yeah...I totally hear ya."  That's why I'm now using a Novation Remote Zero SL and Automap along with my AT.  The AT wasn't enough and there seems to be no upgrade path going on for it.


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In the end I decided to go with the Novation Remote Zero SL(The keyless one to go along with the Radium61) and no it's not touch sensitive as it's the older model but the price was right and it now has Automap 3.2.  I haven't used it yet...I'm just reading the manual and getting used to the concept of how it works.  It was either a Behringer BCR2000 or the Novation but I went with the Novations mainly because of the scribble strips so I can actually see what I'm doing.  I'm going to integrate it with the AT using the AT for Digi plugs/transport and the Remote for synth and 3rd party plugins.  I'll update this post as I get more into it.  I still love my AT don't worry.  I just needed more knobs and rely less on the mouse.


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bassguy6 wrote:

Alphatrack is NOT working here either.



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I never had this issue with my G4 and I'm not sure but I think I had it plugged into a usb pci card I Installed...can't remember exactly....but certainly an issue with Intel.  It happened again this morning upon bootup.  I unplugged it and then plugged while bootup was happenning and it worked fine from there.  What's odd is that for the first few months of having the Mac Pro this didn't happen.


(9 replies, posted in AlphaTrack:User Forum)'s IN a powered hub!  The one on the front of the Mac's native.


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It's not in a's plugged into the front native port on my Mac Pro...that's what's perplexing me.


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All of a sudden now I'm getting a "USB over current notice: a usb device is currently drawing too much power. The hub it is attached to will be deactivated" with the AlphaTrack screen flashing when I startup my Mac pro.
It's happened twice now for no apparent reason.  It's been set up the same since I got the Macpro with the AT in the front native port. If I unplug it and wait 10 seconds and then plug it back in it works as normal....and the front inputs aren't disabled as the error states...the other devices plugged in there are what's going on here and why all of a sudden?

Central Scrutinizer wrote:

The choice of slot C was made for a couple reasons to allow EQ control within the limits of HUI protocol. Because HUI protocol and ProTools doesn't have an 'EQ' mode like other apps we had to fudge a few things. We needed to know exactly what plug-in to look for and exactly where to look for it. Because users may want to have other plug-ins such as a compressor before EQ in the chain we choose a slot in the middle (C). So far it seems to be working well for most users although it may not be ideal for all.

Well, OK...thanks for the backstory on why you did things this way but it's not really helping the topic of the post which is "Why isn't it working?"

Central Scrutinizer wrote:

You must use the 1, 4, or 7 band Digi EQ III mono in insert C for the EQ mode on the AlphaTrack to work. On some systems you may need to click AT away from that track and back again the first time so that it refreshes its info and sees the new insert. You can also confirm it is there by selecting PLUG-IN mode when sitting on the same insert. It will also see the EQ but present it in a different manner.

I just went down to the studio to test this again and make sure I'm not crazy but it doesn't work no matter what I do...whether it's on a mono or stereo track...or a stereo or multi mono plugin of EQ 3...1,4 or 7 band refreshing the track or otherwise.  So now the question is: What now?
Has this been tested to work on your end with PT 8?

I think you're right on that but it needs confirming here...but wouldn't it be great if it worked on ALL EQ plugins as PT users are only a fraction of overall users.

Tried it as mutli mono as specified in the manual and not working.  Can we get a reply on the status of this issue?


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I'm finding that it does not and it's a real drag.

Same issue here on my system too.  The EQ3 doesn't show up on insert 3....this is what I mean about this thing.  You'd think there was a fix for the AT by now!?  Hey CS what's going on with this issue?  A whole big part of what the AT is supposedly capable of is missing.

This is my system info:

Apple Mac Pro 2.66 GHz. Intel Xeon Quad core
Leopard 10.5.7/Pro Tools 8cs2 Digi 002R
M-Audio Radium 61 controller
Fxspansion VST-RTAS adapter

Networked to>
G4 Dual 1.4 processor 1.25GB RAM
Pro Tools 7.3.1cs8/Tiger 10.4.11

Can we also get a signature in our profile so we don't have to post our system info every time??


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I don't believe the faders are motorised but they ARE touch sensitive...and that technology is right around the corner for them better believe that.
It's "Almost perfect" for me too....but "Almost" isn't quite the whole nine yards is it?  The problem I'm having with the AT is that it doesn't interact with 3rd party plugins too's limited...and from what I've seen so far there hasn't been ANY updates for this thing to bring it up to date and bring to it anything new.  Don't you find that a bit odd since you have all these ideas for what it could be used for?
     There ARE 61 key versions of those controllers!  They'll be cheaper in a few months....I use a 61 key Radium 61 and a bunch of hardware synths too.


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In the coming year I'll be looking to replace my midi controller with something new, either a Novation Remote SL or an M-Audio Axiom pro.  The Novation uses Automap and the M-Audio uses hypercontrol to directly map controls AND my this case primarily Pro it brings up the possibility that my AlphaTrack could become obsolete at that point.  So with these new controllers coming out that enable you to mix on them I'm wondering how FDG plans on keeping up with all that as the price of an AT is about 1/2 of the cost of some of these controllers.