Thanks for all your help CS. You've been great.

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Thanks for your speedy replies.  Yes, that does work great. I was only hoping to do the 'quick automation' learn thing to be able to simply tweak a parameter on a plug-ins GUI (to get logic to register it in it's automation lane), and then go straight to the fader to automate, rather than scroll through the parameter on the 'plug-in' encoder of the Alphatrack. Sometimes there are so many of them to scroll through, and the names are not always meaningful to me!

On a side note, is there anyway to change the speed of the encoders, as they are quite slow moving through the range of values - which is sometimes a good thing, of course, but not always.


If I select the 'auto' encoder, select touch automation, and then try to automate whatever parameter is showing in Logic's automation lane, it always defaults to automating volume. It follows whatever volume automation is written perfectly, and I can 'touch' automate great. However, it's not the parameter I initially selected and wanted it to grab!

I thought by using the 'automation quick access' setting and assigning the fader via 'learn', then I would be able to get the fader to control the parameter selected (for example a 'send'  or a audio unit filter etc.). The fader does indeed move the parameter showing, without defaulting back to volume, but snaps down to the bottom and stays there without following whatever automation is already written.

I'm sure I must be being dense here somewhere - there must be a way to automate more than volume! - but I can't figure it out!


Alphatrack is working fine in all ways, except when I assign Logic Pro's 'quick automation' to the fader. When I am writing automation, it ramps down to 00 every time I take my finger of the fader. I assumed it would respond to the automation and move with it, thereby making it easy to 'touch' automate changes etc. Surely this is the point of a touch sensitive, motorized fader.

How are others managing with logic pro's automation and the Alphatrack?

My other problem is when I take it off 'quick automation', the fader doesn't revert to volume, but start acting like a 'pitch bend' wheel.

I have recalibrated the fader, and reset to defaults etc., but I can't work out how to get around this problem.


Phew, thank goodness! That's great news. The AlphaTrack is justabout my favourite piece of kit