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I'm interested to see how the Dakota works with the new Pro Tools 9 native.


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I'll be watching too.


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I followed the special installation instructions last night and installed the 32 bit and 64 bit drivers per the special instructions.  All was well last night and both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of SONAR were working as expected.

Today, I did the similar installation routine except I was installing the 32 bit Alphatrack drivers along side the 64 bit.  Both platforms are working as expected however, now the Tranzport doesn't work in 32 bit again.

I tried registering the 32 bit Tranzport drivers again but it doesn't help.

I'm guessing there is some sort of conflict between the drivers.

EDIT: I have found the SONAR plugin since posting this message.  I will apply that patch and see if it cures my problem.  I will post again if it does not.

I can reproduce the problem in SONAR 8.3.1 x32.

Both my Tranzport and Alphatrack are not sticking when I add them to my conrtoller/surfaces panel.

I am operating in Win 7 x64 OS and the Alphatrack and Tranzport work in SONAR 8.5.1 x64 so for me it seems that the issue is with the 32 bit app in the 64 bit environment.

Sorry, I don't have the 32 bit version of SONAR 8.5 installed.  The only reason I keep the 8.3 x32 version is for betatesting purposes.

I was made aware of the issue by a PM from another Trazport user and I was trying to reproduce his problem.

I am using the Alphatrack driver. and the driver for the Transport  (FWIW, I tried the 1.5.0 driver and had the same problem with the Tranzport.)


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The problem with a great product that never seems to wear out or lose it's usefulness is that it doesn't generate any income after the initial purchase.

I've had my Dakota card for a long time.  I've bought two Tangos and my Sierra used. 

I wouldn't  consider it unreasonable to pay for driver updates for Win 7 64 in particular or and other improvements to the product that may be achievable via software means.

The only weakness in the Dakota product (for me) is the limited number of real time monitoring outputs that can be configured via the Daktray applet.  I don't know if that is hardware limited or software limited.  Either way, a remedy has value to me and I'd be willing to pay for it.

Would this be something that could be considered?


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robcathcart wrote:

Hi there,
I'm using the Dakota ADAT with the 64bit drivers and can't seem to get any audio signal to the computer.  My a/d converter is getting signal and I've double checked the cables (by switching them).  I'm getting audio out but not in.
Any suggestions?
Rob Cathcart
Sonar 8.5 Producer 64bit, XP 64bit
Core i7 950 3.06, P6T Deluxe V2, 12GB RAM, Nvidia Quadro,  Dakota/Sierra , UAD-1,

In SONAR go into OPTIONS>Audio>Advanced and double check to see if you have your Audio inputs enabled.