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I was somewhat forced to be an early adopter of Windows 7 64-bit (I had a computer crash). I have Sony Acid 7, Sonar 8 and my Novation Nocturn running (really FAST on my new quad core!). Other I/O includes MOTU 8x8 MIDI Express and M-Audio Fast Track Pro works great too. FYI: Mackie Onyx Firewire and Presonus Inspire XT both do NOT work! And of course Digidesign ProTools software and Rack 003 hardware does not work. I didn't even try - big surprise there!

I really LOVE my Frontier Tranzport. It's very unique being wireless. I really need it in my project studio. And it does not work under Windows 7 64-bit either. I tried a patch found on the forum with no success.

Frontier: I know it's a dead item. Yea, Hope and Change are not working very well, but it's so damn unique and works so well. Any Hope of a working Win 7 Driver? I still think you can sell some more - did I mention it's wireless?

Any ideas out there?  Thanks. . . I mean Thanx.

joel Sampson / Dallas, TX