Problem solved!

Looking at Logic's Controller Assignments in Expert View I found that under Modifiers > Shift there were two entries for both Play and Rew.

Rew was set to Go To Last Locate Position & Shuttle Rewind. Play was set to Pause & Play. No wonder it wasn't working properly.

Deleting the duplicate entries that I didn't want fixed the problem and my Alphatrack now functions as described in the documentation.

I had this issue from a fresh install of the 1.3 driver and 1.2 Logic plugin, so this fix might work for a few other people?


I'm wondering if anyone using the Alphatrack with Logic 9 can tell me if mine is faulty or not?

I've installed latest driver & Logic plugin as instructed and rebuilt the controller defaults. All functions seem to work correctly except Shift+Play & Shift+Rew.

Shift+Play pauses momentarily, but won't hold pause.

Shift+Rew just does the same as Rew - it doesn't return to last play location as described in the documentation.

I've contacted Frontier's technical support but haven't heard back yet and really need to know whether to send the unit back as faulty or not.