Hi CS,

The reverb plugins are 3rd party. Oxford Reverb only has its first 3 parameters available and McDSP Revolver only has its first 4 available. Can anything be done to have more parameters available?

As far as assigning plug-ins and send from the AlphaTrack, it can be done in Logic and is a really nice touch. Would have been nice to have it in Pro Tools...

Ok great to see someone else has this problem. I found it on another plugin too : only four parameters mapped...

Is there or should there be a way to assign plugins and sends from the alphatrack in pro tools?

I have discovered that the problem is not that they are aux channels but that they are not in the arrange window. Simply selecting write automation mode and then returning to off or read will add a channel to the arrange window and you can then bank into it with the alphatrack.

The problem with the "Control Surface Selection" being 8 channels wide was actually due to Controller Commands left over from another controller I was using before the alphatrack. I simply got rid of them and the alphatrack works perfectly.

Such a joy to be able to automate parameters hands on with such a compact device!

I've come across a problem in logic : although I can bank 1 at a time with the track buttons, there is an 8 track long highlight which doesn't let me get to the last tracks (I can only get to the eighth track from the end). Is there a way around this so I can bank all the way to the last track?

From what I can see, I am not able to access aux channels with the alphatrack. Anyone else seen this or know how to solve it?


I just got an alphatrack and looking forward to mixing my next project with some hands on control. I've tested it out with Logic and it works a treat! Really amazing implementation.

I often work with Pro Tools and would be nice to get some feedback from people using the Alphatrack with Pro Tools. The first snag I've come across is a reverb plugin I use almost exclusively which only seems to have its first four parameters available for control! Quite a shock especially as I've checked with other plugins and it's not the case everytime : other plugins have all their parameters available. Looking at the plugin window, I can see the four parameters have a light blue highlight. I'm guessing this is something to do with the HUI protocol rather the Alphatrack itself. Anyone have any ideas or any similar experiences with the Alphatrack with Pro Tools?

Also, is there a way to add sends and inserts to a channel in Pro Tools with the Alphatrack?