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Yeah thanks to you guys for that. It's working great!

Great customer service - the best!


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This reviewer claims it worked seamlessly with Reason 3.0 (although this was on a Mac not PC).

http://emusician.com/controlsurfaces/fr … lphatrack/

This site says it works with Reason 3.01 (PC & Mac).

http://www.pdmusic.com/index.cfm?page=p … ductid=467

I will try to upgrade my version to 3.01 or higher andsee.


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Ok thanks.

That's a real bummer. I will get Reason 4 some time (hopefully soon).

I also use Cubase LE (Sooon to be LE 4 or Essentials I hope). The Alphatrack shows up in Cubase, but I have no idea how to get it to work?


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Thanks CS.

I've read elsewhere that I works with Reason 3? I have a PDF with instructions on using it with Reason 3.0.4. I've followed those instructions, but it doesn't work.

If you are positive it only works with Reason 4, that will be the issue then! lol.

I will upgrade to Reason 4 when I have the cash.


I have not got the CD that I think would have come with the Alphatrack as I bought it used, but I have downloaded the 1.2 drivers folder which seems to contain the software that makes it work with Reason, as well as Cubase etc, as it asks me if I want to install them as well (tick boxes)

When I ask Reason to search for the Alphatrack, it does not find it. It only sees the Edirol keyboard I also have connected. I have tried to connect the Alphatrack without the keyboard connected and it still says that it can only find the Edirol!

I also have Cubase LE and have no idea how to get it working with that either.

Any help is most appreciated.