Given two emails to your support regarding the RMA and no answer in over a week. Weak.

Central Scrutinizer wrote:

Hi del,

Try pressing shift+stop+f4 (recalibration for the fader) and let me know exactly how the fader moves.  Run this 3 or 4 times; it should move the same way each time. Depending on how the fader moves it's possible that you have a hardware problem which can explain the erratic behavior.  Also, let me know what version AlphaTrack/Logic plug-in you're using.  You can find out by going CTRL+clicking on Logic in your 'applications' folder and going to 'show package contents' then go to 'contents' and finally 'midi device plug-ins'.



Logic plugin is the latest from your website.

Re-calibration moves the fader down and back up. Same thing every time. If I try to move the fader, it sits in position for about 2 secs and then shoots back up. After that it goes back to trying to move the fader upwards allthough its allready at the top, making a very annpying sound while at it.

Been fighting with my setup for hours now and nothing seems to make it work properly. I've tried everything suggested in this forum but still no go.

AT shows up in logic, with the right icon and correct settings. NOTHING works though.

Weirdest and most annoying bit must be the totally irrational fader movements that are going on. From the moment I boot up the machine the fader resets to zero and tries to do so every three seconds, resulting in a very VERY annoying clicking noise.

When I open up logic the fader shoots up to the top and continues to do the same thing, but obviously to other direction.

Tried with other machine with similar setup, exactly the same behaviour.

Anything to try before getting rid of it?