Hi Central Scrutinizer

Thank you for the quick response.

However, the "plug-in mode" is completely impractical for EQs. I tried it out. For real, would you do that to yourself? "For the time being you should use the mouse instead of the AT" would have been more honest advice...

There is no comment on the bug fix: for what time is the update scheduled in your software development agenda? Is it scheduled at all? -- Thank you for your efforts!


Central Scrutinizer wrote:

I was able to replicate this issue and it turns out that as of Pro Tools 8 Digi changed the way the name of EQ3 appears from "4Band EQ3" to "EQ 34Band" and this seems to be the root of the problem and we're checking on how this can be resolved.


Just got the AT to use on my PT 8.0.1 and installed the following driver: AlphaTrack Windows Installer v1.2

I was hoping to get somewhat of a mix-feeling using the AT fader, pan, and EQ controllers with ProTools. But 50% of this functionality does not work. Two issues have not been resolved:

1) EQ 3 does not work: this has been reported on July 1.

2) PAN poti moves far too slow: pan doesn't get you on the screen what you physically do with the controller on the AT. This has been reported on July 15 in another User Forum discussion.

In the meantime it is Oct. 3. Where is the solution, where can I download the bug fixes? When will Frontier deliver what has been advertised?