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Central Scrutinizer wrote:

Hello Fabio,

No reset on the AlphaTrack. But its not likely that the problem is actually with the AlphaTrack itself, but rather with the way Nuendo is interpreting its messages.

Here's some things to check.
1. click on the AlphaTrack desktop icon and make sure it is set for 'Native' mode.
2. Check your Device Setup configuration and make sure that you have 1 instance of AlphaTrack and both MIDI ports are set to itself. There should be no other controllers such as Mackie Control assigned unless you actually have one of those devices also connected.
3. Go to Device Setup/MIDI Port Setup and make sure that AlphaTrack is NOT enabled as an "All MIDI" device. Or an MIDI tracks in your project could incorrectly react to AT messages.
4. Try removing the ALphaTrack from the Device Setup and adding it back in again. This might reset Nuendo preferences in case they have become corrupt.

I'm  assuming that it was working ok previously and that you have current updates for ALphaTrack and Nuendo3. . Are there any other changes that you have made to your MIDI configuration since that time?

Check these things out and let us know any new details that you can. Also, Mac or PC? OS?


Hi, first of all: thank you very much for your support...

let's the points:

1. it is set for native mode!

checking the device setup I did see that I got the faderport active with "alphatrack" midi in/out .. so I removed it and now my Alphatrack works perfectly!!!

thank you very much again for your help!!!



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simplemind wrote:

do you happen to have flip enabled (swaps pan knob with fader)?

no, I dont have the flip enabled.

'cause just touching the fader the pan moves fully left, if I move the fader to zero the pan goes right, but the volume moves too ...

is there a way to reset the alphatrack?


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hello there,

today I got a problem with the pan, in every track, when I touch the fader, the pan gos all LEFT automatically.

Just touching the fader, pan moves itsevels all left.

how can I fix this problem? thank you

I got nuendo3



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Central Scrutinizer wrote:

Hello fabio,

With what software?  AlphaTrack can control the Master fader in many apps but they are all different. Check out the individual user app user guides on our website downloads page.



hi, thank you for your reply, I use Nuendo, cand find help on the link sorry


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hello there, is it possibile to control the master fader too? or only the tracks?

thank you