there is no support from Frontier design, no driver update for Mac since december 2007, I won't buy anything new from them because of this irespectuous behaviour !

in 32 bits mode, the Alphatrack work if you launch Logic empty and then load the project but no way to make it work in 64 bits...

Finally I found time to test Alphatrack with Logic 9 and Snow Leopard and it really need a new version of the Logic Plugin.
It works better when opening Logic first and then load the project manually... but generally, it's not perfect and needs to be more reliable

thx for your reply but I guess I'm responsible for not installing te Logic 8 plugin...
done now and now it works!

my alphatrack is not working here...
10.6.1 Logic 9, clean install on a new HD

I've checked here

Out Port: Alphatrack
Input: Alphatrack
Module: Alphatrack
Model: ...

blank screen, when moving the fader it make logic's faders move but it still return to -∞

the last driver is a bit...old