Central Scrutinizer wrote:

Hi pjl,

We expect a release some time this month.

I assume you didn't mean this "calendar" month. :-)

Fantastic news.  Thanks for the continued support of this, sadly, discontinued product.  I don't understand why every DAW owner hasn't bought one - it should be compulsory. :-)

Topic says it all.  It's been about 3 months since I've seen any news.

My guess is that your MBPro is running with the 32-bit operating system but the server is 64-bit.  At the moment there is no 64-bit driver for Tranzport.

A few months ago they said they were working on 64-bit drivers but no news since then.

See here:


rbtjonas wrote:

I have used the Tranzport for years on Apple computers, but when I upgraded to Snow Leopard, OS10.6, Tranzport no longer communicated with my MacPro.  Really too bad.  It's the only product that connects me with my studio.  Help!

That's probably because Mac Pros (I'm told) boot into 64-bit mode by default.  You could set it up to boot in 32-and the Tranzport should work fine.  I'm having to trouble in 32-bit and 10.6.4 but there is still no 64-bit driver.

However, according to this thread,


they are working on it.

Here's hoping it arrives soon.

Any more news?  I'm anxiously waiting for Tranzport driver. :-)


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Go the Input Devices Preferences/Options and next to the Tranzport's MIDI port make sure the selected Input Map is "Frontier Tranzport Native".

It should work then but functionality is *very* limited.  The scroll wheel functions but I think the only buttons that work are rewind, fast forward, stop and play.  Annoyingly, they don't appear to have implemented RTZ anywhere.

dougb256 wrote:
Central Scrutinizer wrote:

Given the economic downturn and the already long life span of TranzPort,

Ummmmm..... economic downturn is one thing. That I can understand. But the 'already long life span' statement has me stumped. It's only been out for a little over 5 years with no replacement model, correct? Or do you mean that the product will last forever and whoever is going to buy one has done so already?

I think what they're saying is that the sales volumes have dropped to the point that they can no longer manufacture them in large enough batches to make the current retail price sufficiently profitable.