Any plans or tips for using the Alphatrack with the new Studio One DAW? I've been using Logic for years now but feel it's maybe a bit too bulky for me now and I'm having real issues with timing ( but that's another forum). I like to keep the recording process simple and Studio One is brilliant for that. It's amazing how distracted you can get when you have so many options open to you.

Anyway, Getting the Alphatrack working with Studio One would be a real bonus.

Any Plans?



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I've been having the same intermitant problem on my macpro for a while now. The usb is plugged into the back and I never had this problem before the Alphatrack. (Which I love!)

If I unplug the Alphatrack, the problem goes away.

I also noticed that when the USB overload error happens, if I unplug any other USB devise first, the error remains until I unplug the Alphatrack.

Another side effect of this USB overload is that when I shut down the mac, it restarts instead. This is intermittant but only happens after a USB overload. I sort this by repairing Disk permissions.

I was wondering if it was just me..........