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I installed the correct version.  It was all about choosing the Tranzport from within the control surfaces dialog within SOnar.  Thank you for the help!


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I installed the Transport on Windows 7, 64bit using the latest driver and it installed without a problem.  When installing, I selected to install the Sonar plug-in. 
Unfortunately, the sonar plug-in didn't install.  My only choice on the task bar icon was Native mode. 
So I uninstalled the Tranzport and reinstalled the driver and selected Sonar & Cubase.  Then my options from within the taskbar icon where of HUI, Cubase or iTunes but still no Sonar. 
Next I tried to install the Sonar Plug-in and I get this weird WinRar diagnostic pop-up box that says: !   :\Users\headsnack\Desktop\setup_TranzPort_Sonar_x64_1.3.1.zip: Unexpected end of archive
So I tried downloading the file from another computer and ported it over via usb stick.  Same message.

Mind you within Sonar the Tranzport shows up as a Midi device.  Yet it won't sync up or show anything on the display.  On the task bar icon there are no choices (not even iTunes), it just says "Native".

Please tell me somebody else has had this problem or Frontier Design help me out!  I'm shot in the legs with no Tranzport in the studio.  This thing has been a part of my workflow for years and I'd hate to live without it.

Any answers to this?  I have the same problem.  Windows XP, SP3 and if I launch iTunes from the Tranzport it opens and then crashes the applet.  If I restart the applet I can see the song that was played but other than that the tranzport is unresponsive for 5 minutes and then it starts to work.  If iTunes is already opened and I turn on the tranzport, nothing for minutes and then it starts to work.