This is from an old post I made here that's about the RME TotalMix. I saved it as a PDF so it kinda copies over weird.....but hey what the hell. At least another post from the crash made it back. ;>)

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I just thought I'd let people know how some of the controls work with RME's Totalmix application.
In order to use this "Enable MIDI Control" under the Options drop down menu must be checked and
under Options\Preferences the MIDI Controller set to the Alphatrack.
1. Rewind and Fastforward moves the hi-lited MIDI channel control (It shows 8 hi-lited)
forwards or backwards by one channel.
2. The AT fader will control the first fader of the 8 hi-lited for MIDI control but if you have
the Option "Link Faders" checked it will control the first 2 of Totalmix. Unfortunately
the "Link Faders" Option only works with the faders of Totalmix and not the mute,pan or
solo buttons.
3. Mute controls the mute of the first channel hi-lited for MIDI control in Totalmix.
4. Solo controls the solo of the first channel hi-lited for MIDI control in Totalmix.
5. Stop activates the "Dim" button in Totalmix.
6. Play activates the "Talkback" button in Totalmix.
7. F1 through F4 move through "Presets" 1-4.
8. PAN turns the "Mono" button on and off in Totalmix.
9. EQ turns the "Master Mute" in Totalmix on and off.
10. PLUG-IN turns the "Master Solo" in Totalmix on and off.
11. The 3 encoders will control the "Pan" of the first 3 channels hi-lited for MIDI control
and pushing them will make the "Pan" go to center in Totalmix.
12. Last but not least is the send button. This one was kinda weird. Depending on which set
of channels are hi-lited for MIDI control in Totalmix (ie, Input,Playback or Output) it
would bank up then over. To give you an example (this is with a Multiface II) I
Fastforward till say Analog Hardware Outs 7-8,SPDIF L&R, and ADAT 1-4 are hi-lited. If
you press the "Send" button once it will hi-lite the 8 channels directly above it
If you press it again it will hi-lite the 8 channels directly above those (Input).
If you press it one last time it will hi-lite the first 8 channels (Input)
Make sure you if your using the AT with another APP that you have the Totalmix Option "DeActivate MIDI in Background" checked so the
controls will only control Totalmix when it is in focus.
I hope I explained it well enough. Maybe down the road the guys at Frontier could make it work Totally with Totalmix. ;>)
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