I really appreciate all of your help.  Fortunately for me I must have a magic gnome running around the studio or something.  I came home one day...and it was working....and has been working ever since.  I do not know what I did other than turn the computer off for a storm....and when I came back in the next morning....just turned everything on and lo and behold it worked.  So if you sent me some hidden updates or something I thank you if not I still thank you for trying to help.  I will be a huge fan of FDG for a long time. 


Thank you for the quick reply.  This is becoming an odd problem so I will try hard to explain it.

After trying your advice and unplugging the AT before shutting down...here is what I have discovered.

If I unplug before I shut down and then restart:  The AT will light up with "Alpha Track" displayed while the computer POSTs.  Once windows starts to load the AT will shut back down.  When I look at the device manager the AT is listed, however, it has a yellow exclamation. 

At this point if I plug the AT in nothing happens.  The display does not light, fader doesn't move, and the control panel does not show up in the system tray.  Windows does not even acknowledge that a USB device was plugged in.

If I go to the device manager with the AT plugged in, uninstall (hardware only) the AT and then "scan for changes" windows will immediately recognize the AT and begin to set up the drivers, however the actual AT unit will do nothing and the AT is no longer recognized in Cubase.  The midi ports are available in Cubase but the actual control is not.

If I unplug the AT and from the device driver uninstall the device and check the box "uninstall software".  I can re-install all of the software (without the AT plugged in) and once completed the AT will work flawlessly for that session of windows.  Once I unplug it, restart, or shut down windows I have to go through the installation process all over again.

P.s. I also need to mention that since my first post I have upgraded to Cubase 5 64 bit.  And I would also like to mention that the recent changes to the AT are great!!

I tried unplugging it before shutting down.  And now it will not recognize when I restart and plug it back in.  I have to uninstall the software through device manager and then reinstall the drivers from scratch.  Do you have any other ideas for work arounds or maybe something I can check for compatibility.  I know that drivers are complicated, especially for newer 64 bit systems...I'm just looking for something that doesn't require that I re-install every time I shut down my pc.  Thank you very much for your help.

I have used AT for a year now with no problems on my win xp system.  Unfortunately due to an explosive motherboard I am now on Windows Vista 64 and the strangest thing is happening.  I can install the AT with no problems.  I install the plugin into the Cubase components folder and then can see AT in Cubase and Windows with no issue.  However, if I restart the computer, the system tray icon goes away, AT as a device in Cubase goes away, the midi i/o stays, and if I look at the device manager AT is listed but with issues.  I have installed and re-installed several times over the last few days including both the 32 bit and 64 bit plugins and am finally at a point of insanity.  What am I doing wrong...p.s. I am running sp2.  Thank you for your help!