Thanks so much! I haven't done anything like this for ages, totally forgot about the assignability. Much appreciated CS - Shep

Edit - I assigned Global Edit Tool to Ctrl+W, and the binding scrolls the 3 options on the screen. I assigned Global Edit Tool to F6. Nothing happens. Thing is, it doesn't pop up the window that gives me the option to set what time to perform the split - I'm hoping to have that but it seems a bygone era. The only way to get it is through right clicking on the clip w/ the mouse.

Bounce to clips isn't in the Bindings. I love pressing 1 F botton to bounce. I sent a feature request in that they be reinstituted to the edit menu as before(or put in the bindings list wher they'd work as desired, but it looks like I'm outta luck. Thanks for your time - Shep

I used AT to control Bounce to clips and the Split window when they were part of the edit page in Sonar 8.5.3. Now they are on the Process page in X1c, and I can't assign either to a F button. Neither one shows up as an option in the dropdown menu on the Utilities/Frontier Alphatrack -1 window. Will this entail the Sonar app for AT to be re-written, or is there a way this dummy hasn't figured out yet?

I'd also like to be able to open the velocity window from a F button, never figured it out in 8.5.3. Your help is appreciated - Thanks!