First of all thanks for the updated drivers!! I'm glad I can keep using the Alphatrack. Still love it!!

Did you have a chance looking into controlling VSTis on Instrument tracks yet?

Central Scrutinizer wrote:

Hi Jorg and Niles,

I just installed a copy of Cubase 5 and was able to see what you've described in these posts. It looks like things some things were changed from Cubase 4 to 5. There was a similar issue with the jump from Sonar 8 to Sonar 8.5. At any rate, thanks for the heads up and we'll see what we can do about this.


Hi CS,

Thanks a lot for the reply. I'm glad to hear that you're looking into it.
I really appreciate it!


niles wrote:
Jorg wrote:

The real point of this thread is the importance of the add of that feature.

Every feature added to make the Alphatrack more versatile then it already is, is good feature!!
Just was a bit afraid that the rack function was replaced for the track version ;)

Good Point!
Yeh, we dont want it replacing the other feature!!

The problem right now is that the Alphatrack doesnt "see" the Instrument on an Instrument Track as its not an insert plugin.
There's got to be a way tho to make it visible even if you called it Slot 0 on the Alphatrack.

Hope you guys at frontier design can figure out a way!!

This feature is why I LOOOVE Alphatrack. Controlling any parameter of any plugin with the fader is a dream. The only other unit that does it as well is the MCU and that thing is way too big and overkill in my situation.

niles wrote:
Jorg wrote:

It was amazing when you added the support for VSTi's that are loaded in the Instrument list but years later no one really uses that anymore.

Sorry but I don't agree with you there. Everybody that uses VSTi's with multiple outputs (e.g. Kontakt, Battery, Sampletank, BFD, Stylus RMX, Addictive drums and so on) use the instrument rack in Cubase/Nuendo.
Using the instrument channel is only interesting for VSTi's with a single output channel.

I 100% agree with you. I myself still use it for Battery, Superior and co.
However wouldnt you as much as me profit from the added feature?
I was exaggerating to emphasize my point.
The real point of this thread is the importance of the add of that feature.

after almost a year I was wondering if you had any news on this?
Alphatrack is still the only product of its kind that does the job well so it would be awesome if you continued the support.

It was amazing when you added the support for VSTi's that are loaded in the Instrument list but years later no one really uses that anymore. If you could please add support for the Instrument Tracks that would be very much appreciated!!


PS: If you ever release a MKII replace the ribbon with a scroll wheel and you'll have the perfect product!! ;-)

I agree!
I wouldnt advise anyone to buy an Alphatrack at this time anymore!
I went with the Mackie Control Universal Pro! Works flawless for me!

So its not 100% supported.
My worry is that it seems that any future development on the Alphatrack is non-existent.
Once Cubase is 64bit it might not work anymore and the needed drivers might never come out.

Thanks for the info.

If not, will there be an update for it?

Also on a seperate note:
Are there any plans for an Alphatrack mk2?

I wouldnt know how to capture a screen shot that shows the problem.

In Cubase 5 (I think also in 4) you have so called "Instrument Tracks".
Instead of loading vstis into the F11 window you open an Instrument Track and the vsti gets loaded onto this track. You know have midi and audio controls on one track. This vsti does not appear in the F11 window.

I know how to control vstis that are loaded in the F11 window but I cant control any vstis that are loaded on the Instrument Tracks.

Is there any way to control them?

I know how to control vsti's that are in the "old style" instrument list via "shift plug-in" but now I mostly use the Instrument Tracks and couldnt figure out yet how to control an instrument on there.
Is it possible at all or is this feature missing?


It seems to be working. Ive copied the the file into the folder and first it crashed again after about 2 mins. But after a restart it worked. Seems stable now.

Thanks a lot for your help!!

I'll report back if the problem comes back

Hi Cs,
thanks for the info. I am on OSX tho. Is it the same?

humpty bumpy

Is there a fix?

Thanks for the reply!

I dont have a AlphaTrackCN.bundle in the components folder.
Ive only got the SKI Remote.bundle in there (for the Iphone controller) which I never use. Only installed it for fun.

The driver gets kicked out as soon as I use the fader. The fader sometimes works for 10 seconds and then it jumps to about -10dB and doesnt respond anymore. If I move it the driver gets kicked again. If I use it as transport controller only it seems fin.

The Alphatrack is in the dropdown list and stays there even after its been kicked. When I set it again I got another 10 seconds and the usually it gets kicked again.

I used to run Cubase SX3 on Windows XP and it was fine.
Since I'm on OSX and Cubase 5 I cant get it to work properly.
It constantly keeps kicking out the Midi Out driver in the Device Menu.

I'm on version 1.3 and the alphatrack is always set to native mode.

Is this a known issue?