We've just installed the Alphatrack in our studio and it works fine running with Logic 8.

There is one question we have - is it possible to use the Alphatrack to control basic MIDI commands on a MIDI track (e.g. pitch bend/modulation etc.), in the same way you could use the pitch bend wheel on a MIDI keyboard?

The reason I ask is we have another Mac running a set of virtual instruments - MIDI data is sent from a MIDI track in Logic to this Mac, and the audio routed back to Logic.  So, for example, if we want to control the LFO rate of a virtual instrument, and we know it is controlled by MIDI CC 64, we would like to set a knob on the Alphatrack to control MIDI CC 64 and be able to record the automation on our MIDI track in Logic.

I know this would probably require a lot of work in Logic's own controller/environment set up, but before I jump into that complicated world I wanted to check that it is actually possible.