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With Logic 8 and a MOTU Traveler If have found that this works...

Try going to Logic/Prefs/ Control Surfaces/Setup. At the top it should say "Out Port" AT and "Input" AT. Change these both to MIDI port and then, change them back! I don't know why, but this cures the same problem on my MOTU Traveler. It doesn't get rid of the messages though..

I downloaded the following from the "SOS" Mag AT review,

"I also discovered an issue that can apparently occur with some laptops and peripherals that are in a system with no ground connection. Initially I found that the display flickered between three control messages whenever I touched one of the three knobs, but unplugging my external hard drive and running the laptop from battery power cured it instantly. It seems that a lot of electrical noise is generated from ungrounded PSU-driven systems, and this can confuse the touch sensors on the knobs. Connecting a piece of grounded equipment to the system also cured the flickering, so it's not a huge issue as long as you're aware of the solution. Sometimes just connecting an Ethernet cable that goes to a network or another computer will cure it as well."

The first thing is that the Uninstall doesn't remove ALL the software from Logic, you have to go... Preffs, Control Surfs, Setup, view, as list, and then delete , then in the finder, search for in the Logic Folder,"MIDI device Plugins" and remove the Bundle.

When its installed properly you should see an AT icon on the setup page, the "bundle" in the MiDI device Plugins folder and when the AT is plugged in, the task manager at the top of the screen.

It's taken me months to get AT working properly, I still get 2 annoying flags when AT isn't plugged in.

I have other bits of hardware working straight out of the box, I feel that the manual needs bringing up to the quality of the hardware. 

It's a great piece of kit  though...


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I'm trying to install the Logic 1.2 Driver. When I click on the link it shows up in "Downloads" and then disappears.

I've done a search for it with no joy, any ideas please?

Bob M.


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Have got it working, but don't know how, something in Logic maybe.

Is there a test or any way to confirm the correct working?

On the Alphatrack Control manager should I be in Logic or Native mode?

I have other external gear that installed first time, and thought that I had left this "Windows" mess behind.

Have mixed feelings about Alphatrack, the documentation could be far better..


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The Story so far,

I Have installed the Alphatrack OSX download which shows in the "Applications" folder as "AlphaTrack Manager".

I have replaced the AlphaTrack bundle in the MIDI Device Plug-ins (Logic) with the new version dated 21 March 2008.

In Logic, under Preferences  I have clicked on "Rebuild Defaults"

The Controller is lighting up, no text, but that's all.

So near..


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Am unable to unzip the "Logic 8 Plug-In v1.1" file under Safari on a Mac.
I have no program for this, any ideas please?

Have installed the "AlphaTrack Macintosh Installer v1.3" successfully.