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charleyrich wrote:

I found it on Amazon and purchased it.  I used it with Sonar and Win XP and it works great.

That's great to hear but I'm not surprised... WinXP is almost 8 years old.  It's their Vista support that's a joke. Mine works fine on 32-bit but 64-bit is hit and miss.


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vsri wrote:

I assume a new model is coming out. Any further info??

I'd love to buy one, but no one is selling them anymore. They all tell me, "discontinued".

You assume too much.  I've had my TranzPort for a few years now and love it, but Frontier Design Group isn't exactly a prolific company.  No updates to a product in over 3 years to a leading product speaks volumes.

They still "officially" don't have working drivers for Vista SP2 32/64 (sleep mode bugs still abound), and there's no word on Windows 7 drivers at all.

It's too bad - I love their TranzPort and would even pay for updated proper drivers at this point.  Perhaps we'll see a new product that's not an iPhone app... ;^p

On an unrelated note, my forum registration was deleted from their site for some reason.  I just re-registered.  No idea why that happened.