Is this really the case? … oller.html

Although it's tricky for a newbie to learn (Frontier need to address this in their documentation), it's a very enabling and useful piece of kit.

EDIT: I take back my criticism of Frontier's docs - I just found the Logic 8 download PDF's.

Hmm, no reply to this :(

Perhaps I should just email Frontier's techsupport with my questions.

Is there not a How-to section on this site?

I know that if I go to: Logic/Preferences/Control Surfaces/ Controller Assignments, I'll see some options but I don't fully understand what I'm looking at and don't want to screw things up.

Is it possible to assign/program the AT's Track buttons to select the next Region within a Track in Logic 9.1.5 on Mac OSX 10.6.8 does anyone know, please?

I'm absolutely loving Apple's TrackPad and the new compact keyboard (both wireless). I didn't expect to like the TrackPad at all but it's great in Logic Studio (on a 27" iMac).

I've just downloaded the AlphaTrack drivers and plug-in and am looking forward to getting the most out my AlphaTrack :)


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Central Scrutinizer wrote:

I tried the AlphaTrack and TranzPort in Lion (Logic 9.1.4) and everything seems functional with each device.  So using the current drivers should be all you need.


....But which of the AlphaTrack drivers for Lion and Logic Studio 9.1.4 on the linked Downloads page, please?

1.4 says Snow Leopard only. But is 1.3 64-bit?