Central Scrutinizer wrote:

For those using Logic64 an AlphaTrack/Logic plug-in (v1.3) is on its way.  Shouldn't be too long so check the AlphaTrack downloads page for a v1.3 AlphaTrack plug-in in the coming days.



Coil wrote:

no, we want to work in 64bit logic with a 64bit kernel !!!!

the new mac pros will start into 64bit kernel by default, so it doesn`t make sense not to support this feature.

Fair enough!
What I mean is that most people don't use the 64-bit kernel due to problems with hardware drivers.

It should of-course work with the 64-bit kernel but it should definitely not be required.

This is not working with Logic 64-bit.

You shouldn't have to boot os x kernel into 64-bit.
We only want it to work in 64 bit with a 32-bit kernel!!!


What's happening with this update?
It's been more than 5 months since this post.
The alphatrack is really good and does everything it was designed to do but it is now becoming obsolete due to the non existing support.

What's going on?

So any news on a 64-bit drivers?
Is there a time schedule or for it or is not on the agenda?

And where is Central Scrutinizer?

Is there any news on a 64 bit version?


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markhs wrote:

Here's what I did to solve the issue: in Applications I right clicked on both Logic 8 and Logic 9 and then clicked on 'Show Package Contents', then on 'Contents' and then on 'MIDI Device Plug-ins'. In Logic 8 I could see the 'AlphaTrack.bundle' but it was missing in Logic 9, so I copied it across from L8 to L9. As soon as I re-launched Logic 9, the Alphatrack sprang into life.

Hope this works for anyone else who's having problems.

I just downloaded the plugin fron frontier design and used that one inside of L9.


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I finally installed the plug-in into Logic 9.
Everything seems to work as expected but now there are enhanced features like the control surface colored marker working in the mixer.


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I don't think so!
It seems that only your Tranzport is natively supported:

http://documentation.apple.com/en/logic … essupport/

And I have everything installed already. Just wondering if I should insert the plug-in into the Logic package?

BTW. I love your AlphaTrack. It's one of the best purchases I've made.
It was really handy on Logic 8.


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Just a simple question:
Can I install the Alpha Track plugin into Logic 9?