Any other users beside the moderator.  I'm talking specifically Pro Tools HD 7.4.2 or 8 on a Mac Leopard system?

Anyone at all????

Hello.  I recently bought a Presonus FaderPort and could not get Pro Tools and it to stay connected...  Always the dreaded "Pro Tools could not communicate with the HUI" message.  A nightmare for my HD4 TDM rig.  I am a seasoned Mac/tech guy and no amt of troubleshooting helped.

Enter the Tranzport.  I need to know if this thing is stable and can be used in a 24/7 365 day/yr studio.  The thing will get about 20hrs of use per day, every day.  And I am worried PTHD 7.4.2 and 8 just don't work well with HUI of any kind anymore. 

Can someone from Frontier chime in on the compatibility with these most recent versions.  And if they plan on keeping up to date.  Presonus SWORE it worked fine, yet the internet is littered with folks who cannot use it.   I don't want Tranzport to do the same. 

Has it been tested EXTENSIVELY with Mac Pro Tools HD 7.4.2 and 8 with a bunch of plugins? 

It's cool if it hasn't.  My sales people are just tired of me returning stuff that doesn't work.  I'll buy a Digi product if it doesn't work yet. 

If Alphatrack is more stable, let me know too...

thanks for your help...