Ok. I think found the problem. When I lift my feets from the floor, Alphatrack works correctly. But if I try to move the fader with my feet planted to the floor, strange behaviour happens with the fader engine. It must be some kind of grounding failure of some kind.

So I will have to mix with my feets lifted :))

But if anyone has a better solution I will gladly hear it

Okay I have tried recalibrating the fader I tried uninstall and new install of drivers I, I tried to remove the alphatrack plugin from the component folder. But still the fader doesnt work the way it should. I also tried it inside Cubase SX3 where everything worked as it should. So it must be something with my Cubase 5.5 update....:(

Central Scrutinizer wrote:

Hi musifalsk,

How long have you had your AlphaTrack and had it working properly?  The first thing I would try is a recalibration.  You can do this by pressing shift+stop+f4 on your AlphaTrack.  This will recalibrate the touch circuitry and can fix issues similar to what you're describing.  Since the knobs of the AlphaTrack (including fader) are touch sensitive it's possible that it thinks your finger isn't on the fader when it really is; this results in you fighting the fader.

Another good reason to use the recalibration is that the fader should move the exact same way each time you run the recalibration.  So during this recalibration pay close attention to the fader and if the fader appears to move differently even one time out of 15 then it's possible that you have an intermittent hardware failure somewhere.


I had it for some years now, but have not used it in 6 months. Never tried to calibrate it before, I will try this as soon as I get home. Will report back... :)

niles wrote:
musifalsk wrote:

Anyone else who has this problem?

Fader acts normal here in Cubase 5.5 with Alphatrack 1.0.7 plugin. For the record, are you sure you don't have any automated channels in the project?
Does the fader react the same way on audio and midi channels?

I have automated tracks in my projects, but this problem is on all tracks not just those that is automated. And also: those tracks where the fader actually work as intended, the audio stutters if I touch the fader. Not just the audio of the track but from the whole audio engine in cubase


After upgrading to Cubase 5.5 my alphatrack has an issue with me trying to move the fader while playing. Sometimes the sound stutters when moving fader, other times the fader is simply struggling against me and tries to hold back from being moved:(
Anyone else who has this problem?

installed drivers for alphatrack in win7 as explained earlier on this forum.
everything works fine except that every time i try to shut down windows 7, it goes BSOD on me....

- Anyone else has the same problem??

- Anyone who has a solution??