No luck, it still doesn't show up as an option in the Devices menu. Thanks anyway!

Thank you for the response.
I'm running the 32 bit kernel, but the Tranzport does not appear in the device list. I have tried re-downloading and installing both the Tranzport plugin and the driver, still not showing up.
Are you saying that it WILL work in C6, but it will be 'unstable'?
I recently purchased a brand-new Tranzport to replace my existing one which was starting to lose the function of some of the buttons due to wear. At the time I purchased, I was unaware that the device had been discontinued. Now I'm in a pinch, you see?

Running Mac OS 10.6.7 Snow Leopard. Have side-by side installations of Cubase 5 & 6. Tranzport has worked in Cubase 5 for years, and still works.
I have installed the Cubase native Tranzport plugin into the Cubase 6 program, however Tranzport does not show up in the 'Devices' menu in Cubase 6 as it does in Cubase 5. No binding problems. Any ideas?