Have you found any solution?

I understand.  I hope you can find a solution as fast as possible. It is becoming very tedious to eq without the knobs, once we were used to Alphatrack. Please keep us informed. Thank you very much.

I have the same problem. I've been using Alphtrack with Pro Tools 7.4 perfectly. No problem at all. I just upgraded to PT8 and EQ knobs doesnt work. It doesn't recognize any EQ3 at the C port, but there is, and of course, I'm sure about it.

I have been using Alpha Tack for many months and I am not doing anything different. The only thing different is PT8. I have seen many other messages with this same problem at other forums.

¿Is Frontier Design Group going to asume there is a problem with AlphaTrack and Pro Tools or will just continue telling us stories about where do people prefer to insert a compressor? And if this happens ¿Will you give us a solution? Thank you.

Laro Basterrechea (Spain)