Worked perfectly - I remember having trouble find that little + button the fist time around... thanks very much for your assistance.

thanks so much for your help, I'll give that a try and report back. thanks again.


After too long in storage I'm setting up my old recording setup. I've installed Cubase 4.5 (the 32 bit version) on to Windows 7 64bit (I was told Cubase 4.5 64bit was not very stable)

I've just done a fresh install of the tranzport drive 1.5.

the tranzport is working fine, binds and and batter checks ok, display is working. when I do the test (shift+stop+batt) I get a message about radio chip serial is OK, and then some garbage text on the screen and pressing buttons on the tranzport causes asterisks to appear on screen - is that supposed to happen?

When I go into cubase the tranzport just wont work - the screen is blank and if I press buttons it fires off my midi instruments.

on the midi port setup page the tranzport appears next to Windows MIDI In, but the port only shows as active if I click the "in all Inputs' checkbox, otherwise Tranzport IN and OUT show as 'inactive'.

also, should I run the tranzport driver in Native or Mackie Control mode?

Can anyone suggest what may be wrong here? and suggest a fix?

It's been so long since I used the tranzport I really can remember how I used it, but I can't find anything in the manual that I haven't done.

any help appreciated.