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Hi, thanks for the reply.

I checked now, and my version is Reason 3.0 (build 5.14), so I take it that it incorrect.

Do ALL versions past 3.04 work? I don't see any reference to Reason 5. Is there support for version 5?


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Reason 3


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Any suggestions?

If i Know where the files should go, I can check that the reason fix is putting them in the right place.



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My last reply is missing.

My computer is an AMD X64 with 2gb RAM.

I reformatted and re-installed all programs last weekend, but still no response to Reason. Could you tell me where the installed files are supposed to be (luacodec etc) so I make sure it is correct. I found them in user/documents and settings/... and not in the Propellerheads folder in Program Files.

Thanks for the link; that is the same document I was using to set up the Sound Forge key emulation. I still can't figure out how it works to emulate a continuous controller, though.


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Hi, I just got my Alpha Track a few days ago. It is working great in most programs, but Reason 3 is not auto-detecting it like it says in the manual. After moving the default placing of the luacodec to other folders Reason picked it up in a manual setup, but it still does not function at all. Any idea why auto-detect would not work?

Two other issues,with unsupported progams, but wondering if you have any advice.
Firstly, I got it set up with TotalMix fine. It works the faders, dim, talkback, master mute and solo and presets 1-4 parameters. But when switching to a new track, it takes a few seconds to register and is impossible to just click 3 times to go from track 1to 4 for example; I have to wait inbetween each channel.
Also, switching between mixers (input, software and output); is there any way to control that? It is doing it, but not consistently.

I also have it set up with Sound Forge using Bome Midi Translator keystroke emulation. It's doing almost everything I need it to do, but getting the jog/shuttle to work with keystroke emulation is very tricky! It works going forward but not backwards and only at the speeds input during the Midi capture on Bome's. Any advice on how to set it up properly?