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So - I fixed it by trashing my Logic preference file..

works a treat again.

(apart from the ultra sensitive marker select strip!)



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HI there - it seems like the buttons are working but not doing what they are meant to.

I have tried replacing the .bundle file in the Logic App folder.. I have tried deleting the alphatrack in Logic and still it's the same.

Let me explain more I was in the middle of a session when I posted first.

when I click the track right button it seems to move to the last track on the arrange. the left button doesnt do anything but it does register that it is sending a signal.

How do I reset everything to the way it was when I installed it?

Thanks for any help,



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no, alphatrack...

and yes, track left and right buttons..

thanks for any help!



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hey - my track left/right buttons have stopped working?

everything else seems to be working fine.

any ideas?




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Loving the Alphatrack but there a couple of small issues.

1. F4 turns on AutoPunch - How do I turn this off.

2. How do I set one of the spare F-Keys to "Save"

Thanks for the help


Funky Transport

It may be that you are using a different USB port or USB hub to connect your Alphatrack?

I had this problem until I made sure I always used the same port to plug my Alphatrack into. it would make a copy then it wouldn;t function properly.

Let me know if this helps!


Funky Transport