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Thanks! It worked perfectly!


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Hi! I just bought an alphatrack. It's working really good except two things! The first is that the encoders stops working some times and I got to wait for a few sec and then keep on turning them. The other problem is that Logic marks 6 channel strips when I'm using the alphatrack. It's only controlling the first one though, it's marked white while the other strips are marked light blue. But this makes me unable to control the last 5 tracks since the marks "blocks" them. I have to create 5 empty tracks after the ones I want to use, if I'm to use them. I'm using Logic 9.1 and I've got my alphatrack connected via a usb hub since I've only got 2 usb ports on my computer and one is used by the sound card and the other is used by the usb hub. Thanks for all answers!

edit: solved the problem with the encoders, was using different grounds for power supply and was misstouching other encoders while turning the knobs, which lead to a pause in the turning cause the name of the other encoders showed up for 2 sec, I still have the problem with the fader bank though!