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OK...nevermind. I think I have everything under control now.  I forgot to "register" the DLL's from the command prompt.

Question: I tried to uninstall everything as noted in the instructions, however, I was completely unable to change the permissions to full control to delete the registry values. 

This is really A LOT of work to remove this thing.  Do you plan to modify the uninstall so we don't have to go through ALL such cumbersome steps to completely uninstall the software and devices? 

When we select remove "AlphaTrack Driver 1.2.0" from the Programs and Features (add/remove programs), what exactly is being removed if we had to perform ALL the above steps?

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acousticplayer wrote:

No, I am using SONAR 64 Bit (Home Studio 7.01) on a 64 bit computer (VISTA Home Premium).  I am going to try and upgrade to 8.0 Studio which cakewalk says "should" behave better with the drivers etc...

It seems to install ok, I just cannot get the settings to stick.  I also have reaper and it seems to work fine within that application.

So any help on getting SONAR to accept the settings or manually setting up the setting in ACT (Which is what sonar recommends).  However if I set it up manually, how do I get the track names, mute solo and the drag strip at the bottom to all work?

Like I said, I think this is a cakewalk issue but have really not gotten them to even admit there is a problem at this point...  I will try the 32 bit plugin and see if I can get that funtional?


OK...I'm picking up where this thread left off.  I am running Vista 64bit edition with Sonar Producer 32bit (I'm running BFD2 which will not run in a 64bit environment, at least not yet anyway, which is why I'm running Sonar32 bit).  I am having the exact same problem described herein.  The Native Controller won't "stick".  I tried everything but no luck. 

After reading this thread, I'm trying to get it to work as an ACT Surface" ...so far, nothing seems to work whatsoever.