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Education serves as a great equalizer.
       People who are living in poverty holds the belief that through the attainment of a good education they can lift their way of living and give their families a comfortable life. It is for this reason that they exert every means possible in order to finish their studies and earn a degree. They do not let their financial limitations carry them down, instead they use this as a motivation to strive harder and aim higher than the rest of their classmates.
       In order to attain quality education, poor students usually apply for scholarship grants or become working students. Scholarship grants usually require the attainment of a high grade or service to the school. Just like working students, scholars need to work doubly hard in order to keep themselves in school. The hardship that these students hurdle does not deter them to become performers.
       Working students usually know how to adequately balance their time and to prioritize. Free time is a luxury for working students thus, they use it wisely. Instead of going out with friends during weekends, they bury themselves reading their lessons or completing a college papers. Although faced with time limitations, this does not hinder them from producing well written papers. They even buy an essay to guide them in improving their writing skills.
       Motivated with the desire to succeed, these students exert every means possible in order to get high grades and finish their education. Diligence, perseverance and discipline serve as their armors in combating the poverty and becoming successful professionals.