many thanks! I checked, and for whatever reason, the plugin was missing in the correct "MIDI device plugins" folder. Could have sworn I put it there.

With the "AlphaTrack.bundle" plugin in the right place, all is working fine. Is it possible to mark this post as "solved" ?



I'm on an Intel Mac, using OS 10.5.8 and Logic 9.1.3 - in 32 bit mode I guess.

I installed the 1.3 Mac driver & the 1.2 plugin-correct?-, putting the "bundle" in the Contents/MIDI Device Plug-ins of the Logic application.

Alphatrack Manager is there in the Finder menu bar, with "Logic" selected.

After Rebuild Defaults in Logic, there is no AT showing up in the Setup window of Prefs/Control surfaces.

The Physical Input in the Environment does show Alphatrack, and moving the AT fader sends data to Logic (which I see in Logic's Transport window), but the track channel fader of the Arrange window doesn't respond.

What is wrong, please?