You may be shaming the wrong wrong party.

As you are probably aware from the Presonus forums, Studio One  works rather poorly with just about every controller except the Faderport, which is another Presonus product. Coincidence? I think not!

As one of the other posters said, and I agree, Alphatrack is much better than Faderport, as are most other controllers. Presonus would likely sell far fewer Faderports if they allowed other controllers to work to their full potential in Studio One, which for now is a captive market for Faderport.

It's possible that no one at Presonus or Frontier wants to look like the bad guy and tell you that there is no intention to make the Tranzport (or AlphaTrack) fully functional in Studio One because Presonus wants to sell more Faderports.

That's just a wild guess on my part, but often times in the business world it is a fact of life that some companies are friendly with each other, and others are not.

I've seen other situations with Frontier that if you read between the lines you see that their hands have been tied by another company, but they are too polite, or afraid of jeopardizing a possible working relationship in the future, to say so.

Are you using Sonar Producer or Sonar Studio?

If you are using Sonar Studio, that is the reason for the malfunction. Version 6 of Studio was the first one where Cakewalk unlocked the built in channel EQ feature, but they forgot to unlock external control access for it.

There are several solutions.

The Producer editions do not suffer from this problem, nor do versions 7 and 8 of Studio edition. If you were thinking of upgrading anyway, this might be the motivation to do it.

If you don't want to upgrade, the folks at Frontier were kind enough to develop a special version of their Sonar plug-in that was able to go around the lock when this happened to me and others a couple years ago. They might be able to locate a copy of that and send it to you.

In another thread, one of you guys mentioned the Send post/pre issue. That was also due to a bug in Studio. There isn't a work around for that. You'll have to upgrade your Sonar if you want that one to be resolved.