Honestly, I doubt it. Looks like they've given up on further development :(

I was running it in 32bit mode. The AlphaTrack still worked but Cubase6 crashed upon exit. It doesn't when the AlphaTrack is deleted from the Devices list in Cubase.


Can anyone confirm this: The AlphatrackCN.bundle doesn't seem to be compatible with the brandnew Cubase 6. Whenever I quit Cubase it crashes on Snow Leopard 10.6.6.



@brstma: even without running the applet, i have the same problem with the alphatrack being non-functional after sleep mode

@central scrutinizer: now that you updated the windows driver to 1.3.0, why did you not make an effort to fix this problem?


Guys... this issue has been known for years and I think it's not only annoying but also pretty lame to not come around and finally fix it.