I've been using my AT with Protools for a while now, just picked up Logic Pro 9 and can't get the thing to work at all. I've un-installed and re-installed the driver and have no luck. I'm running a Macbook Pro with OS 10.5.8
Any thoughts?

Well now, here's a real B^!@%
shut everything down, left for a couple of days and returned to the same session, with nothing changed ( that I can see )
Returned to original problem, NO Connection....

Success!  Thanks for the help, evidently, with an Mbox 2 and newer macbook pros you must remove the DigiDioMidiDriver from the Digidesign folder, since I will most likely never use any other midi devices with this current setup, I just dragged it to the trash and Voila!

Thanks for all your help,
Now, about that multichannel Alphatrack..........  : )

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Thanks C.S.
Tried all of the above, un-installed and re-installed A/T version 1.3.0 three times, still nothing.
One thing I found is that in "utilities" audio MIDI setup shows no MIDI devices and says UNABLE TO LAUNCH MIDI SERVER

Don't know it that means anything, Also, When I try to restart CoreMidi stops the Mac from shutting down...

Hello All:
I recently upgraded to a Macbook Pro, 2.4 gig core II duo with 2 gig of memory running OSX v. 10.5.7 - I am running Protools 7.1.1
My problem is the Alphatrack is recognized in the toolbar and seems to be installed ok but when I go to Peripherals: Setup: Midi Controllers: Type: HUI the "receive from" and "send to" only allow me to choose "none"
BTW, everything worked like a champ on my old Macbook core duo running OS X 10.1

Any ideas?

thanks everybody,