Found it. Thanks!

Hi John, very interested in this one.
Problem is that i come as far as [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion in regedit but "StartAlphaTrackApplet"="AlphaTrackApplet.exe" doesn't show up over there.

Same over here i have to admit. Shame on me i didn't checked compatibility more carefully.(went back to vista x64). So driver still needs an update.

Tracker wrote:

Installed, working fine, without copying dlls anywhere. Now if I can get the darn Liquidmix to be recognized... :)

I have the focusrite saffire that also works with firewire.
I found on a forum elsewhere to change my firewire driver in the legacy one. After that my Saffire whas recognized and is working fine now.


Unplug your Saffire LE

Open Computer Management, go to Device Manager.

Expand IEEE 1394 Bus host controllers

At this point you probably see Texas Instruments OHCI compliant controller or something

Right click on it and click Update Driver Software

Then click Browse my computer for driver software

Then click let me pick from a list

You should get at least three options.

Select 1394 OHCI Compliant Host Controller (Legacy)

Let that install.

Once it's done, reinstall the Saffire LE 1.3 drivers (this step possibly optional)

Now plug the device back in … oblem.html

Working with Windows7 for a week or so i found out that you can make Alpatrack to work if you right-click on the installer icon and choose "troubleshoot compatibility" in the dropdown menu. After installing the program (choose Vista if you're asked in which OS the installer worked before)and copying the cn64.dll in the components folder everything is working smooth now.
(very happy owner)

Are you working on this one?


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Central Scrutinizer wrote:

I'm not sure why you are having difficulty with the plug-in portion of the 64-bit version of the installer, but no problem, we can help with that. If you send an email to and mention that you need the AlphaTrackCN64.dll and the registration instructions we will be glad to send that to you directly.

The problem is that you didn't put the AlphaTrackCN64.dll online for download. Is it still beta?
Anyway thanks in advance for sending it by email.
regards Jeroen


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So it sounds like you have the basic driver installed and running ok.

i did and it's running ok,

Here is the next important thing to check. When you are in the Cubase Device Setup, and click on the "+" symbol in the upper left corner to add AlphaTrack as a new device, does AlphaTrack appear in the list of available devices?

no, it doesn't

If yes, then select it and set its MIDI In/Out to itself.

If no, then the AlphaTrackCN.dll plugin file may not be located in the correct Components folder. The path should be something like:
" c:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase5\Components"

yes it's there

This problem i have, i have  only with Cubase 4/64bit in Vista/x64
It  was acknowledged by other forum users and the administrator in the  previous forum.
There was promised a fix for it that in the end never showed up.
Alpatrack is working fine however in Cubase 4/32bit together with Vista/x64.
So my question Stays "Will you make Alphatrack fully working in Vista/x64 now Cubase 5 officialy support Cubase5/x64, or should i sell my Alphatrack?"


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Driver installs fine and shows up in cubase x64 under device-setup/midi/midi port setup.
The problem is it doesn't shows up under device setup/remote devices. This was allready discussed in the previous forum.


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Will you make Alphatrack fully working in Vista/x64 now Cubase 5 officialy support this, or should i sell my Alphatrack?