My alphatrack fader is doing crazy things. It just can't stop moving from the first second ive plugged it to my PC without open any music production software. I allready upgraded the drivers.
With cubase 5 for some minutes is working fine then it start to jump up and down but the weird thing is that the virtual fader on the cubase channel doesent seem to be controlled by the alphatrac during his delirium.
So i tryied to do the re calibration...trying to pay attention to it...but i couldnt understand when the calibration is finished cause it just doesnt stop to move! so i checked this video on youtube...
and when i do the re calibration the fader of my alphatrack doesent move so start to jump again up and down. Sometimes it stops for some minutes and then it starts again.
Ah, is a brand new alphatrack.
I would really appreciate a technical support.