My issue is the same as that quoted below.
Used the Tranzport in Digital Performer with no prob under previous system--a G5.

Recently moved to a new Intel Mac.

I have the Os 10.6 driver installed but it is unavailable in DP 5.  So the solution described below is not working for me at present.

In other words, the unit works with the nItunes but only gives a blank window under DP

Any suggestions?

Thank you!

IMAC 3.6 Ghz OS 10.6

Central Scrutinizer wrote:

Hi mcooprec,

Everything you said sounds correct but did you check the setup/Control Surface Setup Window in DP to make sure that the TranzPort is properly configured in DP?

Start DP4 and open the Setup/Control Surface Setup window. Click on the ‘+’ symbol to add a device to your configuration. Under Driver select “TranzPort” from the available device list. For the MIDI option
select “Frontier Design TranzPort-16”.