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I am using PT 7.4 on a hd system.

I have set up a small session nwith just 2 channels and one Stereo Aux return and a stereo master fader.

When I plugin the AT I find that the fader works on CH1 and I can step thru the other chs with the arrows.
Like wise the pans work on the Righthand encoder as I step across....until I get to the aux Stereo return...which has 2 pan faders....cant seem to control both....

Then I press the send button...

Choosing the first channel again with the arrow buttons I adjust the send level with the rh encoder......nothing happens....the screen says audio 1 senda post....but no movement of the send fader.

I find if I CTRL SHFT CLICK on the channel...then I get control of the send fader.....

I cant access sends above e......

When I press EQ the display says:

No EQ3 plugin on insert c

Really dont know what that means?

I have sends ABCDE

I have no insert called C

I assume C might be the 3rd insert so put 4-band eq3 on that insert.

no joy

Try eq3 on all the inserts....still no joy

Seriously thinking ebay at this stage....



(3 replies, posted in AlphaTrack:User Forum)


I am trying to set up alphatrack to use with protools 7 and am finding it problematic. Is anyone using this set up?


Brian in Ireland