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Yep in hindsight forgive me for asking. Obviously you can't comment, but... How cool would that be, huh? ;)


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This seems sort of obvious, but any chance you guys are going to perhaps make an iPad version of AlphaTrack that can work wirelessly via WiFi???

I didn't think so.  Can you tell me-- does this require a fix on your side, or do you need MOTU to do something?  If it's MOTU's fix, I'd like to gently "pester" them about this. :)

Hi... I think I wrote about this once before the big board crash here.  This is a problem that is happening in Digital Performer 6.02 on my G5 using Leopard (latest version - 10.5.8).

When adjusting a parameter in a plug in, turning the rotary encoder does in fact change the parameter on the on-screen GUI of the plug-in itself ( you can see the knob rotate on screen) and the audio changes so it's working, however the bar graph and numeric readout that appears in the AT display remains static and does not updated.

I have reason to believe that this may be related to the 3-way combination of DP6/PPC/Leopard, because for a while I downgraded my system down to Tiger (10.4.11) and everything behaved as it should again and AlphaTrack's on-screen display functioned normally when adjusting a plug-in parameter.  I recently went back to Leopard and this broke again.

MOTU I'm pretty sure is aware of this, but is there any chance you guys have a PPC system running DP and Leopard to test on.  I don't think this affects Intels.  I would love for this to work because I don't see a new Intel Mac on the horizon for me anytime soon and 10.5.8 is sort of the end of the road for PPC machines, so it would be nice if Alpha Track would be completely solid.

One other issue that crept in with Leopard is the special DP plug-in in which the RW button maps to actual rewind instead of reverse shuttle no longer works if DP is in the background.

The display update issue though really is the one that is more important to me.  Thanks.


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I don't believe those other controllers you mentioned have touch sensitive motorized faders, do they?  If so, then price-wise it's not quite a fair comparison.  Also the 1/2 the cost figure is true for only the 25 key versions of the products you mentioned.  Your needs may be different, but personally I find 49 keys to be the bare minimum to be useful and that's just for the keyboard that sits in front of my monitor (original Axiom 49), when I want to add a part in a hurry.  I have a 61 key controller (an old Oberheim XK from the days when they used METAL and WOOD to build controllers!) when I have to *try* to play something for real... which ain't so good since I play keyboards like a guitar player! LOL

I don't even know if this is possible but...

In DP 6.02 when I'm adjusting the level of a send on a particular track using the AlphaTrack, turning the 1st rotary knob will scroll me through "Snd 1" "Snd 2" "Snd 3" and so on.

Is there any facility in DP so that *if* I have actually assigned Send 1 to a bus and given that bus a name like "VoxRVB" within DP, that instead of seeing the generic "Snd 1" the AlphaTrack's display could show the first 5 letters of my actual bus name that appears in that send assignment on DP's channel strip on the computer screen?  That is to say, if Send 1 is assigned to a bus, it would appear (using the above example) as "VoxRV" on AlphaTrack's display instead of "Snd 1".

That would be VERY cool if it were possible to program that into the DP AlphaTrack plug-in, but I'm worried MOTU probably didn't build in the facility for a passing that info to the AlphaTrack??

Yes... it should definitely work.  Your preferences might have gotten messed up.  Did you go into DP and select the control surface?  I'm not in front of DP right now so I don't remember the exact steps.  I'd try getting help at motunation.com as well.