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Central Scrutinizer wrote:

Hello Roy,
What do you mean by "squeal"? Like an audible sound?

The squeal seems relate to the VST the current track is mapped to, it is a musical squeal, and different for each control I touch: so if I touch the slider, I get one sound, and the rotaries have different sounds.

I've just tried it with a track mapped to Cubase HalionOne "Steel Guitar VX": the rotatries give me fret noises, the slider and tapping the strip gives me a drum sound, while Shift and Loop play guitar notes.

It also leaves the note data out of tune: I can't see any midi controller info, but I have to reload the project to get things working right again (even if I save after it gets messed up).

Is this a laptop or desktop style computer? It its AC connection properly grounded?

Desktop, and I've check earth continuity between the Alphatrack's USB port and AC ground.  It's fine.


(3 replies, posted in AlphaTrack:User Forum)

Hi, I've not been able to get Alphatrack working well on Cubase 5.01 (XP SP3 32 bit) with Plug-In 1.0.7.  If I touch any control in squeals, and if I touch the  touch strip the display says "scrubbing".

I've got the midi I/O mapped to Alphatrack and the latest dll in C5 components -- is there anything else I need to do?
thanks, roy