OK.  So I opened up a new project and it did not have this problem of "write" enabling multiple tracks at the same time.  So, it almost has to be something in that project that is not letting me de-select those tracks.

Oh, well.  I'm upgrading to Cubase 5 Studio in a few days.  Maybe that will fix it.


So I directed "Shift+F1" to "automation - toggle write for selected tracks".  It displayed the same incorrect behavior by toggling "write" for tracks 3, 6, 7, 9, 10, 14, 15, and 16 plus whichever track was actually currently selected.

This was all with plug-in version 1.0.7 and "sync project and mixer selection" was selected.

Interesting thing.  If no tracks are "write" enabled and I select track 2.  I then chose write enable from the AT.  It write enables all of the above mentioned tracks (3, 6, 7, 9, 10, 14, 15, and 16) and track 2.  If I then go to one of the other track like track 3 and toggle "write" on the AT it clears the "write" from all of the channels except track 2.

It seems like those tracks (3, 6, 7, 9, 10, 14, 15, and 16) are always selected and it cannot de-select them.

BTW, clicking "write" for a single channel on the software screen only enables or disables writing for the one channel.


Also, when selecting "channel type" under "automation" -> "shift" -> "middle knob", Version 1.0.4 of the plug-in used to have several options like track, group, audio, FX, output, midi, etc.  Now version 1.0.7 has only two options, "tracks" and "output".

May be related to the before mentioned problem.


Actually I have this same issue in Cubase 4 Essential w/ win vista 32.  The new Cubase/Nuendo plug-in 1.0.7 solves the latency issue but when I select automation "write" for the selected channel, it enables the "write" on multiple channels.  Not all channels but a bunch of them.  I do not have these channels grouped or anything.  I can find no reason why these specific channels would be activated on the others left untouched.

I went back to the old plug-in 1.0.4  and it "write" enables one track at a time, just like it should.

"Write all" does actually enable the "write" for all channels.



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    Once again, thank you for your assitance in helping me track down the problem.  Although it may not be a manufacturing defect, I definitely want to get you guys to take a look at it - I don't want to leave it with the local TV repairman.



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OK.  I finally got a chance to get a powered USB hub.  Unfortunately, the AT exhibited the exact same symptoms as before.

I'm out of ideas.  What's your recommendation?



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CS, thank you for taking the time to look into this issue.

I didn't have another application to check the AT with so I downloaded MIDI-OX per your recommendation.  Awesome piece of SW.  Touch fader and release fader commands were good.  The fader value message went from:
E0 00 00 with the fader at the bottom to
E0 70 7F with the fader only 1 cm from the bottom.
The rest of the way up the fader (the other 90 mm) there were no further messages output from the AT.
As I slid the fader back down, no more messages were sent out until I reached 1 cm from the bottom of the range.  The output value then decreased steadily from E0 70 7F down to E0 00 00 at the bottom.

I tried clearing out the Cubase preference files and got the same result.

I am running Windows Vista.

Also, I noticed that during the calibration, the fader starts at the bottom, moves relatively slow through the bottom 1 cm of the range and then shoots up and back down very quickly.

Still have not tried the independently-powered USB hub.  That's the plan for tomorrow, but I'm thinking it's probably a physical problem.  The AT is just being unruly in response to being neglected for so long.  ;-)



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>>When you run the calibration routine does AlphaTrack's fader
>>move the entire travel range top to bottom?
Yes.  Very quickly.

>>Can you tell us how the onscreen Cubase channel fader reacts
>>compared to the AlphaTrack fader? ie. When you manually move
>>AT's fader up and down does the Cubase fader follow it
AT fader at bottom yields Cubase fader at bottom.
As I slowly move AT fader up to about 1 cm, Cubase fader follows linearly but goes all the way to the top (+6db).
The remainder of the AT fader travel to the top (9cm) just keeps the Cubase fader pegged at the top.
It really is just like I have a 1 cm fader.

>>Any other clues that you notice?
LCD screen on AT reads +6dB with fader 1 cm from bottom.

>>You can test the USB port voltage by connecting it thru a
>>powered hub if you have one available.
I don't have one available easily, but I can get one if you think that has a reasonable chance of fixing it.

Thank you very much for your help.



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I bought my AT a long time ago but had an old version of Cubase that wasn't compatible with it.  I finally got around to upgrading to Cubase 4 and started playing with the AT.  Everything seems to work great except the fader.

The volume indication goes from minus infinity at the bottom slider position to +6dB about 1 cm from the bottom slider position.  This effectively turns my 100 mm fader into a 10 mm fader.  Any ideas?  Maybe a sagging USB port voltage?

I did recalibrate (shift+stop+F4) several times and it didn't help.  I am using latest drivers and plug-ins.

Brian G.