I posted this before on other topic that got lost... so here it goes again, I hope it can get some attention.

I believe that each user have it's own needs when interfacing with software and hardware.

For me, Alphatrack is great (almost perfect) for the software I use mostly, like Nuendo and ProTools (eventually).

I say that it's not 'entirely perfect' because even on Nuendo, I would like Alphatrack to be customizable on itself - so we could configure how itens (volume, pan, time) should appear or not on Alphatracks' display - this could be done (I think?) inside a (new?) control panel and/or interface, part of Alpatrack's driver/plug-in... also, I would like to configure the fader and knobs sensitivity/steps (or like using shift for fine step?)... I'm sure all this is possible and not that hard...

I really miss to be able to use Alphatrack on other softwares 'not-alphatrack-wise', like WaveLab or even Foobar - for at least simple transport operations (play, stop, rew, fw, scrub,...) and master volume... custom configuring?...

I understand that these uses are harder to implement but surely they are desired for these and other software, and could be * very * useful and good points to make Alphatrack even more atractive for new users.

Just to compare: I have a mouse with a lot of buttons, and it's driver has a control panel that allows me to configure each of these buttons to an specific function/command for each software... something like that would be great!

I can tell you that I don't plan to change that mouse for nothing... and I would like to say (and feel) the same for Alphatrack!


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Thank you!

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Central Scrutinizer?

Anybody else?



I'm a new user of Alphatrack - just lovin' it. I've been using it for almost 6 months without any problem.

Just now I started 'really' using it for massive automation and found that it could be  * very *  usefull (at least for me!) to have a way to display the current track's volume value WITHOUT having to touch the fader (in the same page with the PAN value) - most of the time when you just touch the volume fader it changes slightly the value, and I'm VERY picky with my values!

I think it's not really very usefull (again, at least for me!) to have the time display 'all the time' on Alphatrack's display...

Am I missing something (possible...) ?

Is it possible to implement this ? It would be great to be able to 'switch' (like pressing SHIFT + something) to have volume + pan displayed (and them having to press again something to go back to time display)...

My system is PC/Win XP SP2 - Nuendo 3 - Alplatrack drivers (current)


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