Hi Everybody,

I came here to post a problem, but I found my way around it, thought I'd share it anyway with you guys in case somebody else was struggling with the same.

I got my Alphatrack a few weeks ago and I'm LOVING it. It is perfect for my uses, it's small, it's affordable, and it does almost anything you could expect from a unit this size!!!
But I was having a serious issue though. When using ableton with 10+ channels, it rendered some actions impossible. e.g. in the arrangement view, if I wanted to select clips from multiple tracks at once to shift them left/right, the AT would start to update parameters on the unit and Ableton Live would freeze and lag so much it was impossible to get multiple clips selected, resulting in clips shortened, deleted, messed up,...

Finally figured it out. I had my AT connected to my Macbook through a small USB-hub. I connected it directly to a USB-port of my macbook now and now it's working fine. Not perfect, but almost :o).
Apparently the AT benefits from being connected directly to a USB-port on your PC, could be caused by shortage of USB-bandwidth or maybe slightly underpowered.

Anyway, I just wanted to mention in in case someone else might benefit it. The power of free information :o)

Cheers guys!!!

PS: @ Frontier Design, really... outstanding Job! This is absolute coolness and a seriously job well done on integration with all the DAW's (I tried Ableton, Logic and Reason)